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26 April 2010 @ 02:13 am

Title: The Thoughts in the Life of Jonghyun
Author: skunkypoo 
Pairing: JongKey
Genre: ... uh... soliloquy? uh... Memoir? i don't know. but it's romance.
Word Count: 591
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: SME Owns~
A/N: roar!

What is this place…? Something is coming into me… it… feels nice… I can’t describe it… a smell?

Who is this person holding me? I feel… secure, safe. She’s comforting and it feels so… relaxed. I feel human. What is this place? It’s white and everything looks amazing!  These beeping sounds are quite annoying though. This man with gloves is touching me. This is very awkward. I want to push him away but I’m not strong enough.

Ouch! What did they stick into me? If feels very painful! Ouch… Hey! The person holding me is speaking… I can’t hear her very well… What? Speak up, woman!

What’s a name, and why is it… “Jonghyun”? What’s Jonghyun? Meh, I’ll find out eventually, I suppose. Hey! Don’t take me from her, I want to be held by the warm woman… Where are you taking me? A box? Strange… Why put me in a box… oh… it’s cozy… I feel sleepy…


Ouch… I fell off of my tricycle again. It’s bleeding… What should I do? Should I go to Umma? Should I go to Appa? I’m not sure… Umma is a nurse, so she’ll know what to do! Move, dog! Umma, why are you crying? What happened?

Appa, why are you leaving? I have so much more to learn… I don’t understand… I feel… Lonesome. Come back, please! Please… Why am I crying? The dog is comforting.


Being pushed around happens all the time here in fifth grade… you don’t know what will happen. I’m just figuring out my body and I’m uncomfortable, and now these people think they have the right to push me around. I’m going to punch them.

I’ve heard you say this speech a thousand times, principal. I don’t need to hear it again… Save me the torture… Why are you calling my mother?

Umma, I’m sorry I’m not who you want. It’s my fault he left, isn’t it…? I’ll be better, I promise.


Middle school is even more rough than elementary… Seventh grade here is like the seventh hell. My teacher has big boobs. That’s cool… My best friend is kind of weird but he’s cool too. His name is Lee Jinki. He’s cool. Oh he’s running towards me! I’ve become happy again. What…?

My dog died. Why did you have to die? You were my escape… my friend… Now I feel lonesome again…


I’ve been feeling kind of strange lately. I’m not sure what it is… I keep thinking of my father and they aren’t very good memories. I’m sorry Appa… It was all my fault, wasn’t it?

There’s a boy at my school who keeps catching my eye. I want to talk to you, but I don’t know how. Jinki tells me I’ve been acting strange lately, and I believe him. Kibum, why… am I attracted to YOU and not HER? Sooyoung is the prettiest girl in our class… yet… I don’t feel attracted to her at all. It all goes to you…

Why? Could it be I’m homosexual?

I got up to talk to you… You smiled brightly.

We hung out and you smiled differently every time. This feeling… it gets deeper… Why?

When we hugged, my voice would crack. When you stared at me from across the room, I’d stare back.

When we kissed, I said I liked you.

You said “ditto”.


Kibum is here with me. Kibum is holding my hand. We’re not in Korea, but it feels like home for now.

Elope is a strange word.

Sounds like ear lobe.

I like it.


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