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12 December 2011 @ 12:03 am
"You need to be a strong lad,"

"No one shall ever come between your destiny and your power,"

"I trust you with everything I've taught you,"

"Do not let these silly humans teach you to be 'good inside',"

The voice of his father ran through Kyuhyun's ears, chiming a soft pattern of hatred in his heart. He promised the world, the money, the power. Was any of that true? Would Kyuhyun even have his own chance at becoming something of worth?

As a teenager, Kyuhyun thought of these things often. He was a dark child. In school, he would break other's arms and fingers. He would paint morbid things and tell gossip about. As he became older, Kyuhyun was substantially mellow. He no longer had the desire for pain in other's eyes. After the age of 15, Kyuhyun no longer cared whether anyone died or not.

Except his father.

The burning hatred that slept in Kyuhyun's chest was devouring every waking moment that Kyuhyun sat around doing nothing. The young man would often have fits of anger and frustration, planning on how to destroy the very man who took the only person he loved away.

Standing up from his desk, Kyuhyun slammed the book onto the wood and walked to the window, overlooking the disgusting city.

"And death shall come upon those deserving,"