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19 August 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Runaway - Script 1/?  

Title: Runaway

Author: skunkypoo

Genre: Drama, Historical Fiction, Romance

Rating: PG - NC-17 (later chapters)

Pairings: Myungsoo/Sungjong, Woohyun/Sunggyu, Dongwoo/Hoya (One sided Myungsoo/Sungyeol)

Summary: If you were hired for a job to save someone, would you go through with it even if it meant risking your life? Don't take anyone for granted-- you never know when you might lose them.

Chapter 1 - Script

      Mornings were never quite pleasant for the young prince, waking up was some sort of tedious task to him. He quite enjoyed sleeping in, but once that lush, golden light would pour into his room like the fountain in the courtyard, he couldn't help but to wake up. Why were the windows so large? Why were the shades not enough to block these things out? At times like this, the teen would sit upright in his bed and think to himself. What was he to do today? What business did he need to attend to? He hated being here, though. The Prince constantly felt like he was trapped; enclosed in this space and destined to do something to the pleasure of someone else. He couldn't quite grasp his fingers around it. Wasn't he the prince? 

      No matter, Sunggyu would stand up and stretch, scratching the head of hair upon his shoulders. Should he bathe today? Possibly. While in the midst of thinking thoughts of the day, his eyes trailed to the window. His room was high enough in the palace that he could see anything he needed to. The royal city was already quite busy. People would be bustling to get to work, others bringing their child to class. Most days it was like this though, but on a day like today, there was extra going on. The old playwright had concocted a new 'masterpiece' to put into his playhouse. Sunggyu always had a respect for the arts, so maybe he'd travel into the bright city today to see it. However, he doubted his father would let him.

      "I need to get out of here,"

      A very busy place, midtown was. Many people often walked here to get to their job, or to shops to pick up groceries for lunch and dinner and such. Children were playing, farmers were transporting their goods across town. It as a pleasant place, in the least. Among the crowds of people, two brothers were making their way towards the playhouse. The taller of the two would lead, as the smaller one was much like a duckling, trailing behind. Actors, they were. They did it for fun, money and to make other's happy. Sungyeol was never really the logical thinker, he's always seemed to be an actor and even before their parents died he was always getting out of trouble with his acting. Sungjong, on the other hand was much like a delicate flower. He didn't know too much of acting, he usually just did what his brother told him to. 

      In this day and age, women were prohibited to perform on stage. However, you obviously needed a girl in your play if it was a romance, right? This is the reason Sungjong acted. He was the most feminine looking boy you would ever see. His skin was flawless, his eyes were large and his limps plump with color. He had some curves, yet he was quite petite for his age. Sungjong didn't mind acting as women, he quite enjoyed it, to be honest. He liked it when the men would cheer him on if he showed his shoulder during an intimate scene. It was always quite provocative when he did that. It caused a slight uproar, but they seemed to enjoy it at the same time.

      "Lee Sungjong! Hurry up or we'll be late!" Sungyeol called, almost losing the smaller boy to the crowd. He always wondered why the younger couldn't keep up in situations like this. Did Sungyeol walk too fast?

      "Coming, hyung!" He called back, catching up and slipping his soft hand into his brother's. Hand in hand, they would quickly walk into the theatre, glancing around for any of the other actors. Perhaps they were early after all? Smirking, Sungjong let go of Sungyeol's hand, walking down one of the aisles. "Hyung, aren't you excited? Tonight is opening night!" He announced with glee.

      "Yes, yes," Sungyeol laughed, walking towards the stage and to the back of the set. He went into the dressing room and looked around, finally finding the old man and bowing ninety degrees. "Teacher," He greeted.

      "Ah, Sungyeol," The man smiled softly and put down his brush. He seemed to be working on some sort of calligraphy parchment. Perhaps he was going to put these around the hall? "The make-up artists should be here soon, please get comfortable!" He said, bowing his head as well. "We don't want our lead actor to be too nervous before his performance, do we?"

      "No, sir!" Sungyeol agreed in a happy tone, before bowing once again and going to the opposite room where he found Sungjong. He smiled and watched he other, just happy that he was living with the other.

      Nine years ago, a tragic accident happened. The ten year old Sungyeol at that time was just coming out of his class. He had decided to take the long route home, having wanted to talk to his friend some more. Momentarily, he would glance up at the sky and see the smoke, but he thought nothing of it. If he'd walked the shorter way home, perhaps he could have prevented it-- or even saved them. Sungyeol always blamed himself for not wondering where the smoke was coming from. He wouldn't care until he walked up his street, inhaling sharply as he saw his own abode; blazing with flames of red and orange. 

      The child dropped his book, sprinting to the house and running inside. He knew he might die, but he needed to see if anyone was still alive. The seven year old Sungjong was trapped in the children's bedroom, unable to find his way out. Nearly breaking down the door with the little strength that Sungyeol had, he pulled his unconcious brother from the room and ran for it, finally making it outside. Sungyeol felt charred, burned and beat, but his brother was okay. He was okay. He then looked at the house, tears falling from his eyes. 

      "Mother, father..."

      "Sungyeol-ah! Please get changed!" Someone called, bringing the tall boy back to reality. He'd been daydreaming, and it was nearly time for the first play to start.

      Getting changed in the proper outfit for his character, Sungyeol stared at the mirror and smiled. The playwright had bought this for he dressing room, even though it was extremely expensive. That man dedicated his life to a good performance-- and a good get-up. Sungyeol looked at Sungjong, who was getting his wig on and dressing in the woman's robes. He seemed to be okay, and he looked like a woman, so that was good.

      Eventually, the audience calmed themselves and candles were lit, brightening the stage immensely. There seemed to be a lot of people in the crowd and that made him start to feel nervous. He began to worry about things, such as what would happen if he messed up, or fell onstage. At that time, he felt an assuring hand on his shoulder. Sungyeol looked back to see his brother-- caked in women's make-up-- smiling back at him. Sungjong always seemed to know when his brother was feeling unassured or stressed. These things just came naturally to him. 

      The play started, and Sungyeol made his way out to center stage, leaning his arm forward in a beckoning gesture. It was a romantic tragedy, to the degree of Shakespeare. The boy, falling in love with a girl slightly older than him, knowing they could not be. She was royalty and he was a peasant. Upon their meeting, they'd kiss and they would love, but they were not meant to be. The play goes on with the boy becoming a knight of the emperor and finally being able to see her everyday. However, it ends with him having to go to war, and dying in the process. She is never met with her love again.

      For the last act, Sungjong is supposed to come onstage and kill himself. As he was about to step onstage, a man bursted into the corridor and rushed into the theatre. He seemed very exhausted, and his eyes were wide with surprise. The quests immediately looked at him, whether they had to turn in their seats or not. 

      "Fire! Clear the building!"

A/N: The first chapter is kind of short, but don't worry! Later ones will be longer, I promise. :> 
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